What's on your Santa's list?


What’s on your list to Santa?

For those hoping Santa will bring them some items that will take their condo from average to superb looking, don’t forget you have to be clear in what your asking for.. For example, say you want a wine cooler… don’t just ask for a wine cooler, because the next thing you know you’ll get one that was made in the north pole and let’s face it what would someone from the north pole know about a wine cooler. You have to be specific and ask for something like the Danby wine cooler $149 at Canadian Tire.

Next on our wish list is Casio music keyboard $99 from future shop.  Just because the grand piano won’t fit in most of our 600 sq f condos doesn’t mean we’re not musically inclined.  Side note for the fellows – with a keyboard in the house you won’t sound creepy asking females up to make beautiful music together.. (ok you still might)

Let’s save some money in 2012 by brewing our own morning cup of coffee.  Best Buy has the Tassimo single serve coffee maker for $119.99.  Make that fancy coffee at home and avoid the long lines at coffee shops.

Last but not least since we do live in this beautiful country which is just as breathtaking in the winter as it is in the spring, summer and fall, why not ask for a pair of snowshoes and get out there and explore some of the beautiful trails.  You can find snowshoes at an Atmosphere store near you.  What’s beneficial to the condo owner is snowshoes can easily be stored in a closet and don’t take up too much space.  I’d like to thank my husband for this last suggestion and also let him know that just because snowshoes made it on this list does not mean that he will be getting a pair for Christmas..

Side note- condominiums.ca doesn’t endorse these gift items we just think they would be cool gift ideas so we thought we’d share… ­čÖé