What to expect in the real estate market of 2012?

What can we expect in 2012? From a real estate perspective I anticipate we will have some people saying we’re in a bubble and it’s going to pop.  I also anticipate that we will have another group of people saying there is no bubble the real estate market is strong and will continue to be through out the year.  So basically what I’m saying is it will be the same s$$# (pardon my french) different year.  Now don’t get me wrong we could have a record year here and 2012 might end up being a memorable year for many but what I am trying to say is that every year we have talk of a bubble and talk of it not being a bubble.  Like I said last year the choice is up to you the consumer.  You can hear one person on the news talking of the upcoming demise of the Canadian real estate market or you can hear and read about how the Canadian housing market is strong and held up impressively well when other g8 countries saw a terrible housing crisis on there hands.  It’s not some fluke that we stayed strong, we have a strong mortgage infrastructure, we live in a desirable country where thousands of immigrants flock to yearly.  All these things play a role in the strength of our market.  Is this the year you start that real estate portfolio or add to your current one with the dream of financial freedom? Or is this the year you decide to wait until the bubble pushers say its ok?  The choice is yours friends.  One piece of advice, if you need everyone in your family including your 2nd cousin and everyone in the media to give you a thumbs up before you make a move, you might be standing still for a very long time..