What Time Is It? RRSP Time!


It’s that time of year again.  Tax season has approached causing many to have a weight on their shoulders that doesn’t seem to go away until their taxes are done and filed.  H&R commercials are filling the airways showing people with pain in their buts that magically dissapears once they enter a H&R office (ha those commercials can be quite funny).  Well whether you do your own taxes or take advantage of professionals at H&R Block, one word, godspeed.  Ok we are being a bit dramatic but I’m pretty sure no one likes tax time that is unless you are anticipating a big juicy refund!  In that case awesomesauce, drinks on you tonight!   Well the reason for this blog today is because it is March 1st.  You heard me March 1st!  For those of you that are like so what big deal March 1st.  Then either you have already contributed to your RRSP or you are unaware that March 1st is the last day to do so.  If you are in the last category then run don’t walk to your nearest bank branch and beg them for an appointment. Contributions towards your RRSP is not only a smart thing for potential first time home buyers to do but it can also help towards your taxes.  So don’t delay, you only have the rest of the banking day to get your contribution in!