Walkscore importance

I realized times sure have changed for me the day I got more excited about a sale at the grocery store than at the mall.  Well, hey, that is to be expected for anyone that moves out of their parents home and on their own or anyone that has now become the mom in their household.  For condo owners/tenants living in the downtown core it is especially important to have a grocery store within walking distance as one of the advantages of living downtown is the cost savings of not having to own a car.  Lets face it, there is only so much one can carry without using a car, so the closer you are to a grocery store or even better yet a place like the St Lawrence Market the more convenient it will be to make several trips when need be or a craving for beef jerky hits.  When searching for a condo be sure to locate where everything is.  In terms of convenience and even resale down the line the closer you are to the bus stop, subway station, dry cleaner, super market, dentist etc.. the better off you’ll be. A good tool to check is the walkscore of a building, this tool can be shown when searching for Toronto condos or any other GTA condos ie Markham condos on condominiums.ca.  It is available when you click on a building and then click view more details.