TV options for condo living

Monday may I have a cool new flat screen TV to hang on the wall? Lets face it, condo units are getting smaller and smaller, with many living areas being only 8feet wide. The surest way to make that space look even smaller is to have a old school box TV or even a flat screen on a clunky entertainment table. If possible hang that TV on the wall for the sleekest and most space efficient option. A plasma is a great option if you don’t have much glare as they have really come down in price and have become quite affordable.  If you find the glare to be too much then a LCD or LED are worth considering.  However, if your wallet is telling you to go with the plasma then a pair of midnight or blackout curtains might do the trick of blocking the glare from the sun. Also keep in mind the space of your living area, usually a 40 inch TV is sufficient. You don’t want to be sitting to close to a 60 inch TV.  It may look awesome in the store but probably won’t be to practical in the average condo.