Trust your investing vision


Is Canadian real estate investing easier on the heart then investing in equities?  Why not ask someone who is heavily invested in gold stocks right now?  They will probably look at you after they have finished chewing their antacid and say, of course (they might add in some profanity with that of course)!  So even though you may have someone in the media or some relative of yours saying that you shouldn’t invest in real estate, the truth is, no investment is fail proof and every investment has risk.  No risk no reward, right?  That, has always been the case.  The people who have made a lot of money off the condominium market have people telling them the same thing when they purchase as well.  Naysayers and yaysayers (think I made up a word there) are a dime a dozen.  Sit down with your finances and your goals and see where you want to be ie whether it’s owning property to live in or invest in, the choice is yours.  It is important to get guidance, but set your goals and your timelines and stick to them.  You will be surprised to find yourself right on track instead of waiting to get started.