Toronto 4th most populous city in North America!


Toronto just overtook Chicago to become the 4th most populous city in North America according to the City of Toronto’s latest Economic Dashboard report.  We are only behind the likes of cities that are known to be very populated ie Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles! We knew we were a very desirable city but we didn’t realize how much.  Our Mayor indicates that the city remains a top destination among migrants and job seekers and that is why our population numbers are so strong.  Well this is one indication our housing market is so strong and proof that it will likely remain strong.  With all these people moving to our great city they have to live ie rent somewhere and once they have rented they are more than likely going to want to buy because hey, Toronto is such a great place to live!  The numbers don’t lie!  Eat our dust Chicago!  Don’t worry I’m sure people will still move to your city for the deep dish pizza.  We kid, we love Chicago too and there’s nothing wrong with being in 5th place…


    Downtown Toronto