Tips and Tricks for Space Saving in Condos


Wow, we have been getting some good weather lately!  Not only has it been sunny and warm but it has been consistent.  So consistent that dare I say it’s ok to put away your heavy winter clothes and proudly display your summer things. Condo residents every inch of your closets must be utilized and to do this you should be packing away your winter items and placing them in a vacuum seal bag that can fit under your bed or neatly on the floor in your closet.  If you have a storage locker than even better, put them down there along with your boots.  The square footage in your condo may not be a lot but that does not mean that it has to feel like it is not a lot.  There are tips and tricks that will have you never questioning if you need more space.  The most important tip is just to remain neat and tidy and organized! Make use of space saving stuff like vacuum sealed bags and closet organizers.