Time to make a move!

It’s that time of year!  I think it is installed in us from when we are kids in school and we had to say goodbye to summer and head back to school.  Something about this time of year says get up and go, it’s time to get back to business.  Now what I take it to mean in my real estate world is if you’ve been slacking on your goals like home ownership because the summer with its sunshine, bbq’s and lazy disposition has had you feeling too good to buckle down and get serious, than the starting gun has sounded today my friend and it is time to start moving.  Whether it be doing your budget and figuring how much you have to save to buy in that Toronto neighborhood you like.  Or if it’s time to move from your parents basement to that rental condo with the cool amenities that is much closer to your job.  Do it now while your motivated because before you know it Christmas will come and you will find yourself once again distracted with all the jolly activities.  So take a note from your younger brother or sister who has there backpack equipped with what they need to make it through the school year and equip yourself with what you need to have your property dreams come true!