This is a game changer!


We are stoked about this one!  It is a game changer!  It also makes us wonder what took so long? Well whatever, we are just glad it has arrived.  Ok, maybe it has been around for a little while but we just got wind of it.  We are talking about the washer/dryer combo of course! We are giddy thinking about what we will do now with all the extra space and free time! Seriously, no more having to be a slave to laundry day and waiting around to transfer wet heavy clothes to the dryer, and condo residents we are certain you will appreciate the little bit of extra space you will have now. We love this item and are sure this is the new trend.  We hope all major manufactures jump on this bandwagon and in time we’re sure the price, like most new innovations, will come down.

Below is an LG 2.7 Cu Feet model and can be found at Home Depot.
 washer dryer combo