The Shores Condos in Oakville


I had the pleasure of visiting a friend of mine who recently moved into her new condo at the Shores in Oakville and let me tell you I was super impressed!  Sure her suite was nice, above average I would say, but what was really something special was the view.  Now I’m a big fan of House Hunters International on HGTV as it gives me a chance to see places to live all around the world.  I really get blown away with some of the more luxurious properties with ocean views.  I often think it’s a shame we don’t have a ocean here in Toronto as it would be great to live with a view overlooking it.  Well let me tell you when I visited the Shores condos in Oakville I kinda got that same blown away feeling I get when watching the oceanfront properties on TV.  The view from the soon to be gym and pool area is spectacular…definitely something to write home about!  The view overlooks Lake Ontario which appears endless, and a marina  filled with luxury boats, not to mention a pier which just calls you to take a stroll on.  All in all I’d say this luxury condo by the Oakville waterfront would be a great place to call home.


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