Super Bowl Parties


The Super Bowl is one event where hard core fans, those who don’t care much for football and those who just want to see the half time show will gather together.  Across the GTA yesterday there were Super Bowl parties going on at sports bars, houses and yes even condos.  Just because your condo may not have the largest space to entertain does not mean you can’t throw a  great party there.  All you really need for a good Super Bowl party is a good tv, I’m talking at least a LCD, better yet a LED tv.  If it’s mounted on the wall, all the better, as that way it is taking up the least amount of space.  2nd thing you would need is good food and let’s face it, for a superbowl party gourmet food is not necessary.  Classics like cheesy nachos, chicken wings and chili will satisfy your guests cravings.   So big party or small, entertaining is knowing how to please in any space.