Summer Design Trends That Are Here To Stay


Summer décor has a light and airy vibe to it, with breezy fabrics, natural accents, and boho influences that make it feel like you’re bringing the sun and warmth inside. ☀️ Here are a handful of the most popular interior design concepts we’ve seen this summer that are likely to stick around.



Although rattan, wicker, wood, and other natural materials are typically associated with summer, designers are now claiming that this trend can be worn all year. There’s a lot to pick from, from wood bead chandeliers to woven baskets and wicker chairs. It’s all about incorporating simple, earthy natural features. 




Kitchens in sage green are quickly becoming one of the most popular kitchen ideas for 2021! The colour is everywhere, whether it’s in paint, cabinetry, or tiles.




To put it another way, bringing the outside in. As more people live in cities than ever before, without direct access to balconies, patios, or outside space, this style of architecture is gaining momentum. The pandemic has raised everyone’s yearning for outdoor space, as well as the requirement for it to function year-round. Plants indoors, living green interior walls, and the use of natural stone in tiles and other architectural materials are examples of this.