Stylish Bookshelf for the Condo


Monday may I get a modern looking bookshelf?  I’m not pretending to be a scholar or anything, but I do enjoy reading.  Everything from romance and biography’s, to self help and drama.  My love of reading has not been easy on the clutter free atmosphere I crave.  I’ve decided it’s time to throw out my 1980 flimsy bookshelf and find something that is not only practical, but can hold a lot of books and is also fashionable (I’m not looking for an eyesore here).  For those living in a condo you can understand that there is no place or space to hide an ugly piece of furniture. 


In my search for a cool looking bookshelf I’ve come across one that is not only reasonably priced, but quite stylish.  I found this marvel at a Sears outlet.  Please see the pic below.  This beauty of a bookshelf is well priced at $89 dollars and it can work as double duty for not only displaying your books, but also any other decor items you would like on display ie vases, picture frames etc..  I’m excited to get this beauty up in my condo and start showing off my vast array of books!  Tip for the guys and gals out there: it’s never nerdy to have a good display of books in your homestead.


                                                                                                                                                                                 condo bookshelf

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Inglewood Item #: 013 514 532 09