Snowed in? Not if your a condo owner.


Well the weather outside is frightful, actually, for many Canadians this snowy weather is quite delightful!  Grab those tobaggans, skis, snowboards, skates or snowshoes and get out there!  The snow can be a lot of fun and very beautiful the way it gracefully falls from the sky, and the way it sparkels on the ground.  However, the snow can come with some drawbacks for house owners.  Let’s face it, there is nothing fun about shoveling the driveway, sidewalk and cleaning the car and then having to do it all over again throughout the day.  That is one situation where condo owners are having a chuckle to themselves when they see house owners with all there snow maintenance.  The condo lifestyle comes with many perks and not having to do maintenance like snow removal is one of them.  So condo owners if you’re heading to work today or out to the slopes, you will likely arrive before your house owner friends, but try not to give them to hard a time about it ­čÖé


snowed in

Haha we kid.  For any Americans reading this blog this is not a real depiction of Canadian homes in snowy weather ­čśë