Searching for cool stuff for the condo.


Monday May I edition


Monday may I find some cool used stuff for my condo.  Now I may be influenced by “Storage Wars” or the news stories about someone finding a rare Picasso at a thrift store, but I am starting to really get into the hunt for finding treasures.  Frequenting antique shops, garage sales, and thrift stores really brings out the adventurous kid in all of us because lets face it, we all want to come across that hidden treasure, whether it be something that would make us rich (this being the main goal) or just something that is unique and will be a really cool conversation piece in one’s home.  Sure Ikea and the big name dept. stores are great for the usual items that one needs, but to find that truly one of a kind antique that Bob and Joan don’t have in there condo than it’s a treasure hunting we go.  I’ve come across some really great vintage looking furniture to smaller stuff like lamps, Victorian foot stools, to really cool looking ashtrays (sure no one in my home smokes but it looks cool and it was only .25 cents).  There lies a problem for many people on the hunt for a good deal, no matter how great the price, the last thing you want to do is clutter your home, especially since your condo might not be the largest in size.  So if you can exercise self-discipline and you have a game plan of what you’re looking for, then take advantage of the summer months to go find yourself some truly unique pieces for your home!