Renovate or Relocate

Renovate or Relocate

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Almost every homeowner will ask themselves this question at some point. Regrettably, there isn’t always a simple solution. Consider your budget, stress tolerance, potential family needs, and the current real estate market while you consider your choices.

There are a range of online resources available to assist you in calculating home improvement costs. As you begin your study, you can certainly contact a competent contractor to get an accurate estimate. Remember to budget an extra 5-10% in case of unexpected problems, project add-ons, or last-minute modifications like higher-than-budgeted finishes.  Similarly, though online property valuations are handy, do not depend solely on them when assessing the value of your condo. The majority of the time, these valuations are far off, and they have no way of accounting for market conditions.

As real estate experts, we’re always available to assist you in determining how much a renovation would add to the value of your condo, determining whether a renovation will over enhance your condo for the building, and providing input on what improvements and finishes are common among current homebuyers.



These fast, affordable tips will have you falling in love with your condo unit all over again:

  • Fluffy white towels in your bathroom
  • Introduce new scents using candles or diffusers
  • Keep fresh flowers out or a bowl of lemons
  • Set the scene with your favorite playlist
  • Add a new wreath to your front door
  • Rearrange furniture and decor in one room
  • Declutter quickly every day


Home Maintenance Checklist

Vacuum or dust heat registers and vents

Reorganize closets and storage

Clean out dryer vent

Test carbon monoxide detectors

Check caulking around sinks, showers and tubs

Flip mattress over