Record Condo Sales


Have you ever received a really good stock tip that you just didn’t take?  Then everyday you tortured yourself by watching it go up and up? Do you feel this is happening to you in the condo market?  Are you sitting back watching others make money off of this booming condo market (Oct 2010 being one of the best condo sales month on record)?  We at are going to copy that Everest College commercial and say to you ‘Pick up the phone and make that call’. Only call us not Everest College for condo investment advise that fits your lifestyle.  We will listen and offer choices.  For those of you that have taken that stock tip only to watch in horror when it fell everyday, keep in mind real estate is something tangible…it’s not going to go into pink sheets and you have options with it i.e. live in, rent or sell.  Options that fit even the most uncertain of economic times.  Contact us today and get started on building your real estate portfolio!