Raising a Family in a Condo

family sized condo

The condo lifestyle is often associated with smaller family units – the young couples, empty nesters, and the bachelors/bachelorettes. However, condo developers are now trying to attract families with bigger condo units, great locations, and family-friendly amenities. Originally designed to cater to adult residents, are condominiums safe for young children? Are they equipped to accommodate growing families and their needs?

Advantages of Raising a Family in a Condo

Security – Condominium buildings take security very seriously. The safety and security of its residents are of utmost importance. Equipped with the latest security cameras, alarms, access doors and elevators, and manned entrances with concierge, you and your family can rest assured of a secure environment.

Minimal Maintenance – Parents with young children are the busiest bunch. Housekeeping, taking care of kids, and careers are more than enough to keep them busy. Condominium buildings are run by administrators who manage the maintenance work of the building. Thus, taking out home repairs and maintenance work like fixing fences, cleaning the roof, washing windows, or repainting the exteriors out of its resident’s to-do lists.

Centrally Located – Everything a parent would need is within easy reach – the park, the doctor’s office, schools, offices, and the supermarket are just within the neighborhood. That takes out hassles of long commutes, driving, and traveling with kids.

Amazing AmenitiesCondos come with several daily facilities and lifestyle amenities. Swimming pools, day-care centers, playgrounds, gardens, a concierge, gym, spa, sports center, business rooms, and recreation rooms are available to its residents.

Cost-Efficient – As condos are located in the city, you can save on travel time and expenses when going to work, to school, the market, and other errands. With the building’s amenities at your disposal, you can also cancel memberships to your gym and ball clubs.

Close-knit Community – Condo dwellers tend to develop a close-knit community. While individual units provide the residents the privacy they need, communal areas like the gardens, the hallways, the elevators, and the swimming pool area will give them the chance to socialize and develop relationships. This is advantageous for children as it provides them the opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships.

Challenges of Raising a Family in a Condo

Lack of Space – There is no option for extensions or building up in a condo. This proves to be a challenge for a growing family. Kids might have to share bedrooms, you may not be able to have a music room, or the king-sized bed you desire.

Shared Facilities – You and your family will have to share everything in the building – the pool, the playground, the gyms, and the laundry, and there will be rules to follow in order to ensure safety in its usage and for the users.