Plants for the condo


Monday May I edition


Monday may I add plants in my condo?  They not only look great but boy do they have some added benefits!  Did you know that they can clinically reduce stress, fight colds (which is great as I currently have one), remove airborne contaminants, and even relieve headaches?  That is awesome, who knew a simple plant could do all those things!  With a wide variety of indoor plants to choose from, I’m sure you will be able to find one that compliments your condo perfectly. 


If you really are living in a tight space than a plant as small as the Lucky bamboo will work.  They often look very artistic as one can manipulate how the stems grow to create interesting shapes.  These plants are also believed to bring prosperity, health, and happiness to the owner. *Sidenote* the Lucky bamboo plant makes for a great housewarming gift.


If you would rather have a hanging plant, than an English Ivy is a good choice.  With its bright green colour it will be sure to add that oomph you have been looking for in your decor.  The key for this plant is to hang it somewhere where it will not receive direct sunlight.