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Waterfront Wednesdays presents – Paradise Island


Who wouldn’t want to live on an Island, better yet an island named Paradise Island?!  Why it just sounds like.. Paradise!  Does Paradise Island in Bahamas live up to its name?  We believe it does, if for nothing else the spectacular white sand and beautiful aqua blue water.  It has also become quite the hotspot with the Atlantis hotel and casino on the Island.  Not to mention world class dining, even iron chef Bobby Flay has a restaurant there called Mesa Grill.  According to paradisesalesandrentals website one can own at The Reef Atlantis with Junior suites starting at US $590,000 and 1 bedroom suites at US $1,095,000.  (That may sound like a lot but remember this Island is called Paradise Island for petes sake).  Because it’s a hotel/residence owners can enjoy 90 days in residence per year and the rest can go to Rental Income.  The breakdown is as follows 55% to the hotel/ 45% to owner and out of the owner proceeds 5% is paid to a reserve fund for maintenance etc.  Did we mention that the Reef’s suites are fully furnished with every comfort of home and no expense is spared with making the suite as top of the line and luxurious as possible.  However, we did mention the white sandy beach and the beautiful ocean at your front door so we doubt you will be spending much times indoors, that is unless you are on a winning streak at the casino!


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