On The Go Mimico Condos


There is just 1 stop between On The Go Mimico Condos and Union Station on the GO Train. Just 1 stop!  It is no wonder they have a slogan on t-shirts saying “Living Downtown without having to Live Downtown”  Could this really be the have your cake and eat it kind of condo people have been searching for?  We think so!  On The Go Mimico will stand 26 storeys high in an area which only allows future development of 6 storeys.  Your view will be protected potential owners!  Not only that but with the latest in Eco features, On The Go Mimico condo sales reps are stating that maintenance fees will go down in the future.  We know we got everyone’s attention with that one!  So have some cake and a new condo to boot and contact us today to take advantage of VIP preview buying!


On The Go Mimico condos