Oh So Smug Condo Owners


Are some people looking awfully smug and carefree to you on this very snowy day?  Don’t be puzzled, you see the thing is those smug, carefree looking people are living the condo lifestyle.  So, basically when house residents woke up today they looked out the window at all the snow and immediately thought of how they were going to be late to work because of all the shovelling they would have to do to get their car out of their driveway.  Condo residents on the other hand, woke up today, looked out the window and took in the beauty of the snow with the delight of a school age child.  Then they proceeded to make the hard decision of which k cup coffee they felt like drinking.  So condo owners you may have less square footage than your house friends but you have something else and that’s the time that comes with a maintenance free lifestyle!