New Years Resolutions Take Two

dream condo


Something about this time of year reminds us of a fresh start, a New Year if you will.  Perhaps it is still instilled in us from our schooling years that the new year/grade starts now.  Well whatever it is there is a “get up and go” attitude in the air. Give new life to your New Year resolutions that you made and haven’t done!  With interest rates still low and only going up, now may be a good time to speak with a mortgage professional and see what you qualify for.  Then comes the fun part of searching for your dream condo.  That’s right we said fun. Picture yourself hosting a house warming party where your friends are looking slightly jealous at your new digs.  Picture this condo as the first step in your large real estate portfolio that you will undoubtedly have one day.  Hey, we don’t mean to go all Oprah or Dr. Wayne Dyer on you but most highly successful people say – visualize it first and then take action.