Name That Condo!


What would you think if your friend turned to you and said “I’m tired I think I’ll go to Archie”. Would you say, who the heck is Archie?  Or perhaps you’d say congrats how come you never told me about the unlucky guy (you would be kidding of course).  What would you think if your friend said Archie is the name I’ve given my condo?  Weird, might run through your head, however, we beg to differ.  You would not find it strange if you heard someone referring to their car by a name, so we say why should our beloved home not have a name?!  When you buy a condo unit from a developer they have given it a name, we’ve seen some named after fabulous cities around the world, men tend to buy units named Paris so that they can tell their friends they’ve spent more than one night in Paris (bad joke for the 18 and older crowd).  Anywhoo show your condo some love and give it a name, after all it provides you with shelter and security not to mention its a great listener!





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