Long Term Real Estate Investing


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The world has become an “instant gratification” type of place.  We are used to everything being at our fingertips and we seem to have lost the “patience is a virtue” mentality.  Is this short term mindset a risky mindset to have when dealing with our investments? Bricks and mortar real estate investing has done, and continues to do, very well for the smart, long term thinking investor.  With all the scare from the media about a real estate bubble it is easy to shy away from tried and true.  The truth is, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary are all world class cities.  In fact they have been ranked as the 3 best places out of 50 cities around the world in terms of where best to invest in real estate for the long term.  This ranking is according to a centuries-old London real estate firm, Grosvenor Group.  Toronto in particular was noted as an exceptionally good real estate destination in the long term! These 3 popular Canadian cities have out-ranked London, New York and Chicago.  To that we say #GoCanadaGo (feeling that Olympic pride all over again)!