Kitchen cabinets not looking so great?


So you went to visit your friend in her new condo and her kitchen is gorgeous.  It’s shiny and new, and most important modern.  Your kitchen, you realize as you return home, is outdated. It does nothing to inspire you to be a better chef and cook more (yea sure that’s the reason you don’t cook). Well anyways, it is out of date and no matter how hard you scrub, it’s not shiny.  A total redo in the kitchen may just not be feasible, so where can you start?  Well let’s be honest, a granite countertop would be great but will it really make a huge difference if your cabinets are peeling and discoloured? The key is to take an honest look around your kitchen and identify what’s in the worst shape.  Cabinets, for example, may only need a paint job or new handles.  If you think that won’t be enough, just changing the doors might do the trick.  With plain white cabinets being all the rage these days, updating yours might not be the daunting task you first imagined.