Jade Waterfront Condos Incentives Galore!


Did you know that Jade Waterfront Condominiums is now under construction?  Not only that but they are offering some pretty sweet incentives to celebrate the fact!  For starters, the popular Emerald suite is there suite of the month!  They are also offering a low 10% deposit, along with $10,000 cash back and $3,000 in upgrades to fancy up that unit however way you like!  They are also aware that it is summer time and in the summer time the people at Jade Waterfront condos know we have barbecuing on our minds so they are offering a Free Electric BBQ!  They are also aware that many buyers are weary of the talk of double levy charges so they are offering Capped Levies!  Investors, they did not forget about you because they are also offering a Free Assignment and Occupancy Rental.  So if you haven’t checked out Jade Waterfront Condominiums recently, don’t you think you should? 

Jade Waterfront condos

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