It's Black Friday let's update that condo with some great deals!!

It’s a shoppers paradise in the States today with Black Friday deals everywhere.  However, for those of us that are North of the border don’t fret as the deals seem to have reached our retailers as well.  I’ve got to say I’m really liking the home section at Chapters Indigo of all places.  You can really find some unique and stylish pieces there to display in your condo.  It is also a great time (deals wise) to do some updating to your condo if need be and I for one am looking to do some updating to my kitchen and bathrooms and found some great deals on faucets and back splash at Home Depot.  You would be surprised how updating your faucet and small stuff like replacing that outdated cover on your light switch with a shiny new brass or brushed nickle one can make a huge difference to your bathroom.  So if you are thinking of renovating your bathroom and kitchen in your condo but don’t have the budget quite yet, then start with these small things and that way you can start enjoying these spaces more today.  For the kitchen, cabinet handles and light fixtures are a great place to start.  Also, for those of you that have been waiting for a good deal on stainless steel appliances, then take off work early and get shopping my friends because there are some fabulous deals going on now!  Even if your thinking “well I’m not sure how long I will be living in this condo I don’t want to spend money on updating it”, you should understand that these updates make a huge difference in resale values so why not do them now and be able to enjoy them as well.  One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is if you are living somewhere even temporarily you should try to make it as inviting and home-like as possible.  You will feel that much better when you open the door everyday.