How to Make Your New Condo Stylish Without a Decorator



A condo may look beautiful from the moment you step into it – but from beautiful to stylish, there is still a long way to go. Still, you may not have the budget to hire an actual decorator, with their professional tricks up their sleeves.


However, when decorators cost too much, there is an alternative. You need to find some good decorations that you can do yourself. Here are some decoration tricks that you may use:

Use Plants

When you want to decorate your condo, one thing that you can never go wrong with is adding plants. The chances are that your condo is in the middle of the city, where it lacks access to plants, trees, and nature altogether. As a result, to bring a bit of style to your condo and make it seem cozier, you might want to start investing in plants.


If you are one of those people that can’t seem to keep a plant alive if their life depended on it, go for some succulents. This type of plant won’t require you to water it very often. Or if you REALLY aren’t a fan of caring for plants, you can go for the artificial kind. Those, you know for certain won’t die on you. There are a number of realistic options nowadays, and they will bring that touch of green to your condo.

Get Draperies


Draperies (or simply, drapes) represent one more efficient way to make your condo look nice and stylish. There are countless patterns and styles that you may choose from as well. You may go for embroidered drapes, patterned drapes – even eclectic drapes. If you want to block the sunlight, then you may want to go for some dark-colored drapes – they will also make the room look more stylish.

However, if you want to make the room seem even bigger, you may want to use light-colored drapes. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t turn the drapes into a focal point – but simply make them a nice addition. The colour should also be one to compliment the wall, so if you can’t find something directly at the store, then you may want to get some custom made draperies instead at a local drapery store in your city.


 Hang Art on the Walls


There’s no better way to style your condo without a decorator than by hanging art. Some decorators may suggest that you paint the wall instead – but if you think about it, hanging art on the wall may give the same effect. The purpose is to bring some color into the room – making it slightly more personalized.

The type of art that you choose is entirely up to you. Puppies, lovers, one big painting, multiple small paintings – whatever floats your boat, that’s what you should choose. You may buy them from an art shop, but if you are feeling talented, you may try painting something yourself.


 Change and Add Light Sources


You may choose to change your existent light fixtures, or you may add new light sources – for example, a lamp. The first thing you should start with is the overhead; go for something that suits the style that you have in mind. The more light your condo gets, be it natural or artificial, the bigger the entire place will seem. Plus, all that light will add warmth to the place.


Accessorize with Pillows


When you are decorating the condo, no matter if you go for a DIY project or a professional decorator, there is one thing that you may be certain of: your place will also need a few colorful pillows to reach its potential stylish look.

You may go for red velvet pillows if you are looking for some elegance and mystery – or if you simply want to add some color, you may pick some colorful pillows. It’s as simple as that, especially if you are raising your family in a condo and are looking for comfort. Plus, it will be very comfortable to just sink in those pillows after a long day.


Invest in Solid Furniture


When you get your condo, it might feel tempting for you to visit IKEA and to get some furniture that you think will look nice. However, this kind of furniture will typically be mismatched – not to mention that it’s not as durable. This is why you might want to go for some solid wood or other durable materials (steel might also work) if you want to add quality to your condo.


Final Thoughts

Decorating your condo should not be difficult work – and most certainly, it should not necessarily involve hiring a decorator. You just need to buy the right things and then start tweaking it from there.



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