How to Find Space in a Small Space


Condo living in Toronto and the GTA is in demand. Why not? When you buy a condo in Toronto or the GTA you can bank on an awesome location, ease of living and more often than not, the most on trend interior design. Of course sometimes when you choose condo living you have to sacrifice a bit on space. Not necessarily living space, but definitely storage space may be in short supply. But does this really have to be the case? Does having your dream condo mean having nowhere to put your beloved photo albums, knick Knacks, and off-season gear? Not necessarily thanks to these space saving designer tips and tricks and furniture finds 

  1. Be Smart About Storage
    Be smart about finding storage space in your condo. Use the full height of your walls for shelving to store your books, frames, and more. Use under your bed for off-season shoe and clothing storage. Use a front hall seating area with a seat that opens to storage space for your hats and scarves. You get the idea! Be smart and savvy and you will find the storage space you need in no time!

  2. Increase Space in Style 
    Furniture shapes and sizes are integral to making a space feel bigger. Do not use anything oversized and remember to choose items that can be used in a multi-purpose way. For instance, a sleek credenza that separates the living room from the dinning room can double as an extra table for dinning items and a coffee table for the living room. Or consider a compact circular glass coffee table in the kitchen area that can double as your office table on the days that you work from home.

  3. Think Light and Airy
    Glass objects, acrylic furniture, clear shelving, all of these items lend to an open airy feel in a space. You will be amazed at the power of see-through items to open up your space. Using light colors on the walls and for the rest of your furniture and decorative items is also a good idea. When you decorate a small space with a light and airy theme you end up tricking the eye into thinking there is more space.

  4. Use Mirrors to Create a Sense of More Space
    A large mirror placed in the right place in a home can actually make it feel so much larger that it becomes hard to gauge just how big the home really is! This design trick can actually make you feel like there is another room in your home and so when used appropriately it is one of the best and most proven ways to make a small space feel larger.

  5. Use Every Nook and Cranny
    That open space above your front hall closet, perfect for a small shelf to hide your flip-flop collection. That tiny corner in your bathroom, ideal for a corner shelf to house your cologne. That space behind your bedroom door? A perfect place for a full-length mirror. I cannot stress this enough; use every nook and cranny in your small space and you will feel like you are living in something twice the size. Think creatively and be smart and if you can’t see all that extra space ask a friend to take a look for you. A new set of eyes might be able to see all the space you’ve been missing!

Lara Brighton is a journalist and real estate aficionado living in Toronto.