Home Offices


I can’t pin point the exact date the home office debuted in our homes but what I am sure of is it has become as expected as seeing a family room.  Even in one bedroom condos, buyers often visualize where they would put their desk and computer.  With the PC, Mac or whatever you fancy becoming a must have for many Canadians, the home office is not just for those who work from home, study from home or even those who have anything remotely work related to do from home.  Some of the best home offices I’ve seen are there because well they can be.. You have to put your computer somewhere so why not in a super cool space designed to make you look like one hardworking serious individual.  No one has to know you just use it to go on facebook and maybe to do a little surfing of the net.  In the condo world the one plus den units are increasingly popular because everyone wants that extra space to set up their ‘’work’’ station.  All in all the home office is here to stay so embrace it and set it up to fit your needs, it just may become one of your favorite areas and not a cluttered with paper mess that you don’t want to see after 5pm.