High profiled people buying in Toronto

With the recent news of Mark Wahlberg buying a condo at 36 Hazelton avenue.  I can’t help but wonder how many celebrities will start calling this great city of Toronto home?  Movie trailers parked on the downtown streets of Toronto have become a no big deal sight.  It’s obvious movies are not occasionally made here but are often made here.  As Mark himself said ”It’s nice to live where you do your projects”.  

The question I pose now is where should high profiled people look when considering to buy a Toronto condo?  Sure, Yorkville is the obvious choice as it seems to be the go to for many celebrities.  However, Toronto is not just made up of this one little section.  Many neighborhoods have come up which are in the heart of it all and I think deserve a second look.  There are an abundance of luxury condos located through out Toronto.  The St Lawrence Market area is pretty cool if you ask me.  Also Yonge and St Clair, Liberty Village and Mid town all deserve a look. Which area would you recommend?