Goa Waterfront property

It’s that time of the week where we sit back and do some wishful thinking about owning a waterfront property.  Today we are taking our search to a place that is roughly a 27 hour direct flight away.  OK, so it’s not the most convenient location to get to, but boy oh boy does it make up for it with its natural beauty!  We are talking about Goa, India, and  we have come across a property that seems to have it all at a great price.  OK we are definitely not Realty experts in Goa, but this one called Palacio Waterfront by Palacio Property Developers did catch our attention.  It is listed for $48,596 and is a 741 sq ft 1 bedroom centrally located at Velha, which is 10 to 20 minutes drive from the centre of Panjim (9 kms), 20 minutes drive from the Airport on the highway (20 kms), 8 to 10 minutes drive from new proposed IT, 2.3 kms from Bambolim beach, 1.2 kms from Siridao beach, 10 kms from Kamali station, 12.5 kms from old Goa (ok we admit we don’t know where any of those places are but it sure does sound central, which ticks our “location location location box”). Its amenities include central swimming pool / kiddies pool, beach pool, sunken pool bar, health spa with steam & sauna, fully equipped state of the art gymnasium, open-air Jacuzzi, squash court/tennis court, snooker/ pool tables, restaurant/ coffee shop & bar, convenience store, games room/ kids play area. Goa is know for its world class beaches and resorts, as well as a very active nightlife.  It’s a chance to visit and possibly live in a place that is totally different from our current climate and culture, and that sounds like an adventure to us!