Fun Facts about Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is located in York Region, north of Toronto, between Vaughan and Markham. Scenes from the picturesque Richmond Hill vary from quaint historic streets, gorgeous suburbs and scenic nature walks and parks to tree-lined streets, landscaped front yards, and modern condominiums. Richmond Hills is one of the fastest-growing and friendliest towns in Canada. Its laid back atmosphere and proximity to Toronto City make it the perfect home for young families, retirees and professionals who want to enjoy both the dynamic city life and the peace and quiet of the suburbs.

Here are five fun facts about Richmond Hill and the reasons why it’s one of the most popular cities to live in Canada;

  1. Canada’s youngest city – Although the city was incorporated in 1872 and elevated from a village to a township, it was only in March 2019 that Richmond Hill obtained its cityhood, officially changing its name from “Town of Richmond Hill” to “City of Richmond Hill”
  2. Richmond Hill Blooms – The city takes front yard gardening to a whole new level. Residents are encouraged to beautify their front yards with gardens. Annual awards and recognition are given to exceptional colourful, beautiful and well-kept gardens. Most condos in Richmond Hill allow balcony gardening where you can plant and cultivate herbs and other potted plants.
  3. Starry Nights – The David Dunlap Observatory, home of Canada’s largest optical telescope, is in Richmond Hill. The research centre for the Astronomy and Astrophysics Department of the University of Toronto is also accommodating star-gazing experience and tours to visitors. While most Richmond Hill condos have roof decks where you can enjoy stargazing, the observatory will bring the stars a little closer.
  4. Oak Ridges Moraine – The groundwater of the moraine feeds into the Rouge, Humber and Don River systems. It is also an important source of drinking water for most of Ontario. Created during the last ice age, about 13,000 years ago, the moraine is a natural wonder that includes forests, meadows, rivers, valleys, wetlands, rolling hills and lakes. It is home to rare animal species including the snapping turtles, bobolinks, bank swallows, eastern meadowlarks, Jefferson salamanders, monarch butterflies and butternuts.
  5. Community Gardens – Several community gardens are in operation in Richmond Hill, where residents come to plant, cultivate and socialise. The gardens attract horticulturists, gardeners and the city’s volunteers. The gardens are maintained by the collective effort of its members, while its produce are enjoyed by the community and donated to charities. Anyone can join a garden; you’ll just need to find the community gardens near your Richmond Hill condo and sign up.

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