End of summer blues


It’s the end of August and I am feeling a tad down.  It’s not like I was on summer holidays and have to return to school but still, can’t help but feel a little down.  Well if there are any others out there who are feeling the same way, I say we get out of this slump and enjoy what’s left of this glorious summer season.  What to do oh what to do?.. Perhaps one last trip to Algonquin Park?  Or maybe frolic at the local farmers market this weekend and enjoy as many meals as possible on a patio, back yard or in the park?  Gather friends and family for a weekend BBQ.  How about I put that swim suit on or as I like to say swimming costume (to which my husband asks if I’m from the other side of the pond :/ ) and head to Wasaga. Making this list is already beginning to lift my spirits.  So don’t mope, make your list and get to it!  If on your list is to buy a new condo, we like where your head is at and we can help you with that!