Don't like maintenance fees? Have we got the deals for you!


Whoever likes to pay maintenance fees raise their hand?  For those of you who did not raise your hand, have we got some deals for you! 

For a limited time, Xpression Condos is offering a huge incentive.  This development is located on Yonge St just North of 16th Ave in Richmond Hill, very close to Hillcrest Mall.  Don’t keep me in suspense you say, well this huge incentive we speak of is for buyers who purchase during this limited time event, they won’t have to pay condo or mortgage fees for One Whole Year!  In addition to this great incentive they are also offering an extended deposit structure, a $2500 cap on an assignment fee and all levies and developmental charges capped at $0!

Another development appealing to those who get nervous about maintenance fees is Dream Towers.  Dream Towers is located very close to the popular Fairview Mall area, making it a suitable choice for those who like convenience without being in the downtown core.  This incentive won’t last long as it is a pretty big one.  For a limited time with every purchase receive a Cash Back representing Three Years Maintenance Fees!  Prices at this condo start from $279,900.

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