Dining set's for the condo


Monday May I have that sleek new pub style dining set for my condo? 

Now just because we live in a condo that may not be the largest does not mean that we don’t like to entertain.  And by entertain we mean having more than one person over for dinner.  With many condos only offering a combined living and dining area of 16 feet by 10 feet and many even smaller.  How does the condo owner accomplish a dining set that can fit approx 6 people comfortably without giving up to much of the living room space (because let’s face it the couch is still number one in our hearts)? 

We have come across the new pub style dining sets and we have become fans.  They take on a more square shape instead of the usual long rectangle, making it more space efficient.  They are usually counter height and can look quite stylish in ones condo. (Take a look at our example below)