Cottage life not far from the city


With the appeal of cottages being a strong desire for many Canadians (and who can blame us our lakes are spectacular) the cottage, timeshare resort market has been holding its own.  In some cases it’s been doing fantastic a recent example is how quickly the Deerhurst Summit Lodges sold out.  For those of you who want the cottage life but begin to twitch if your too far from your downtown Toronto office, the Cottages at Honey Harbour may be what your looking for.  At just 90 mins from Toronto this Georgian Bay vacation beauty is not only serene but also convenient.  With whole ownership from the low $400,000’s and quarter ownership (12 weeks a year) from $139,900 there are choices here to satisfy yourself and members of your family (let’s face it, cousin Jimmy is going to want to come up for at least one week during the summer)..
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