Condolites make room for a Christmas Tree


It’s not yet December but it snowed yesterday so one can’t blame us for already having Christmas on our minds.  Good ol’ St Nick will be arriving soon, and not to worry condo residents, we have official word from him that he doesn’t need a chimney to get into your unit and leave you your well deserved gifts.  He does however fancy that you have a Christmas tree set up.  We tried to reason with him and tell him that some of the condo residents just don’t have the space to put up a tree, but he blatantly told us excuses are for losers, so we not wanting to be put on his naughty list quickly backed down.  So no excuses condolites (we made up a word there, its a play on socialite because people who live in condos are just that cool and are a social bunch) get that Christmas tree up this year!  It doesn’t have to be a big one like one that you may remember from Christmas pasts at your parents house but what it lacks in size it can make up for in charm.  Also it is guaranteed to put a little more merry into your place making it instantly more warm.  So warm in fact, that you may decide on some hot cocoa and a old fashioned singing of O Christmas Tree (we apologized to your neighbours in advance).


christmas tree

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