Condo or Facebook IPO?


What do you think should you put your money in the booming Toronto condo market or get in on the Facebook Initial public offering??  As anyone who plays the stock market knows if you choose the latter choice make sure you have your seat belt on because it is going to be one fast ride.  The question is which way it that ride going to take you, will you see your money soar to new heights or will you see it drop fast and furiously?  Well if we knew the answer to that it would make it a pretty easy decision now wouldn’t it.  I can say one thing the Facebook IPO has traders salivating the way condo investors do with such projects like Ten York and Karma condos.  I also think most people will agree that real estate investing especially in the Toronto market is much easier on the heart and nerves than investing in stocks and it is usually a much safer bet as it provides more options then buying and selling, it also has the popular renting option which one can take advantage of when they feel the market is not at a price they want to sell.  Either way it’s good to diversify and have money in real estate and stocks if one can and it’s always a smart idea to consult with a professional in either of these forms of investing.