Condo Living 101: How to Party in Small Spaces



Gathering your friends or family for a celebration like Canada’s day or a get-together could be a challenge if you’re hosting the party at home and you’re living in a Toronto condo or surrounding GTA condo. Condos are not known for large rooms and extra spaces. However, with careful planning and creative arrangements, a condo party can start rolling.

Here are easy tips on how to throw big parties in small spaces;

       1. Manage the guest list

Determine the number of people you can invite. It should be a good number, where your guests should fit in comfortably, move around and still have room for dancing. Squeezing too many people into your limited space will turn up the temperature and make everyone uncomfortable. Keep your numbers down and make it clear that bringing another person should first be cleared with you.

       2. Use all of the rooms

Make the entire unit a party zone. Open up bedrooms, use kitchen counters as serving tables and set chairs in the balcony. You can turn your bed into a couch, fill bathtubs with ice and shelves can hold food, plates and other party items.

       3. Forget sit-down dinners

Formal sit-down dinners will require a large table to accommodate all your guests. Foot traffic will also be congested in the dining area. These are not suitable for condo parties. Opt of stand-up affairs and dispersed arrangements. Let your guests move around, dance and socialise.

       4. Take out some of your stuff

Are there any items you can take out for the duration of the party? Ask a friendly neighbour if he/she can take in your work desk, your cat and the cat tree for a few hours? Or you can place bulky items like sports equipment, your doll collection and other hobby items in storage. 

       5. Go for easy-to-handle party menu

Take into consideration that your guests will be standing up, sitting in couches or moving around. This will make eating a bit of a challenge. Make sure that you serve easy-to-handle, non-messy party food. Balancing a plate of carbonara might take away the joy of eating. But your guests will surely love barbecues on a stick, nifty sandwiches and attractive appetizers.

       6. Rearrange your furniture

Don’t get stuck with your present home arrangements. You can always move things around to make room for your party. Move beds, and tables against the wall to improve foot traffic. If the party is a sit-down dinner, place the dining table in the centre to free the sides for foot traffic. If there’s going to be some dancing, clear an area and move heavy pieces off the centre.

       7. Take advantage of the building’s community areas

If you have to do the formal sit-down party, make use of your building’s amenities. Most condos in Toronto have party rooms, clubhouses, barbeque areas and social halls. These are available for use to homeowners. Contact your building’s admin to know more on how you can use the amenities.

       8. Opt for minimal party décor

Do not clutter your party space with complicated, messy and bulky party decorations. Choose minimalist themes, pieces you can hang and take off the floor or table and stick to light colour tones. It will also be easier to clean up after the party.

       9. Mind your neighbours

Condos in Toronto commonly allow private parties, but you still have to be considerate of your neighbours. Warn your neighbours about the party and keep the noise and music down. Minimise foot thumping and stop all dancing at about bedtime. Let your guests know the limitations. If you can’t contain the excitement, it is advisable for you to take the party to a more appropriate venue.