Condo Lifestyle


   Depending on where you live in this great golden horseshoe, I’m sure some of you had to dust off the old shovel, salt bag, snow brush and scraper this week.  Old man winter has arrived and although there is something angelic about the snow as it falls gently to the ground, there is nothing angelic about losing the feeling in your fingers as you try to scrape the snow and ice from your car and driveway.  Times like these one can really appreciate the appeal of the condo maintenance-free lifestyle.  Sure it comes with a price in terms of the monthly maintenance fees paid by condo dwellers, but lets be honest, running a house isn’t exactly free from maintenance bills.  Not only do condo dwellers not have to worry about snow removal, lawn care and general upkeep of the premises, these condos come loaded with lots of goodies for residents to enjoy.  Say goodbye to gym memberships fees as most condos include a gym, yoga/pilates room and saunas.  Party rooms and game rooms are also common in condos.  Not to mention indoor pools, speaking of have you heard of the 70′ infinity pool that will be part of the much anticipated Backstage condos?  Talk about raising the bar!  All and all condo living is looking pretty sweet, it’s no wonder more and more Canadians are choosing condos as opposed to houses these days.