Canadian Market


Have you ever watched HGTV (one of our favorite channels) and saw what some of those homes & condos in America are going for?  I’m sure some of you have thought in despair ‘that’s the same price as my down payment on my 25 year amortized mortgage’.  Many Canadian are wondering (insert Chandler Bing’s voice) could these prices be any higher.  We suggest you calm your worries with the fact that you live in such a thriving country.  Canada was not hit badly in the housing market as many city’s in the states were due in large part to our well run banking system.  Your real estate investment is much safer here.  Although many Canadians are feeling our prices are getting very high we are still very cheap compared to many major cities across the globe including some of the major cities in America, New York being the most notable.  So don’t gloom Canadians the prices may seem high but it’s all relative the opportunity for a high return on your money is also here,  Investors from across the globe are flocking to our cities as they see our real estate market as a smart choice!