Canadian artist Drake buys awesome LA pad


The Canadian born talent Drake is on top of the worldwide hip hop music industry and now he has just bought some impressive LA real estate.  Rumor has it he paid $7.7mil for a home that was listed for $27mil 3 years ago, so well done Drake, way to buy the lows!  Now that may seem like a lot of money to most but lets not forget that this guy at last count was “25 sitting on $25mil” so it doesn’t sound to me like a reckless move.  I must say its nice to see a Canadian running the rap music game and I think we can all agree that he is one talented lyricist (and I’m from the 90’s era where if you ask us about any rapper we say well their no Tupac or Biggie).  Good for Drake for raising the bar for Canadian music in Hip Hop.  Now I’m not sure what Drakes real estate investments are here in Canada but since he is from Toronto, I think, if he doesn’t have a place in downtown Toronto yet then he should consider buying a unit at some of our luxury condo buildings such as the Ritz Carlton, perhaps Trump towers, or anything on Hazelton Lane. 

Now lets all sit back and enjoy pics of Drakes new LA home which includes a grotto, that’s right you Hugh Hefner wannabe’s I said grotto.

Click Here for pictures of Drakes new home  Courtesy of toofab