Buying at Canary District Condos has never been so easy!


Let us tell you why it has never been so easy to buy at Canary District Condominiums.  Firstly, what does one do when they decide they want to buy a pre-construction condo?  Well if they’re smart they budget and see how much they can afford, and how much money they have available for the deposit payments.  Now let’s get back to Canary District condos and what they are offering to potential purchasers.  It is a deposit structure that is so enticing that it will be hard for many to resist!  As many of you may already know the Pan /American games are coming to the great city of Toronto in 2015 and the Canary District Development will host many of these unbelievable athletes.  So in honor of the 2015 games they are offering purchasers the chance to buy with only $2015 down on signing!  Then they have extended the rest of the payment schedule to make it accessible to many who find it hard to come up with so much money so fast.  The extended deposit structure is given in two options:  Option A – balance of 5% at 2015 a month, 5% in 365 days and 5% on closing.  Option B – balance of 5% in 60 days, 5% in 365 days and 5% on closing. 
If you wanted to live or invest in this monumental downtown community now is the time to do so!  Register Here for quick access as this is a limited time event and special conditions apply.


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