Buying a home? Be Prepared and Avoid Frustration..

Now this is a story all about how a person can waste their time when buying a place to call home. This story does not take place specifically in West Philidelphia but I’m sure it does take place in many cities around the world.
Jane Doe has not gone through her finances or spoken with a mortgage professional and really has no idea on what a realistic budget for her would be.
Jane decides anyways that she should go see a few properties that float her boat.
Jane recalls the price her friend paid for a home a few years back and fully expects that this is the same price she can get her home for (wouldn’t we all like to buy apple stock today at 3 year ago prices)
Jane will soon feel frustrated with her home search but all is not lost as she will soon realize that with the help of a professional and patient Realtor, what is realistic for her in today’s market, and how she can achieve the happiness of homeownership while making a financially sound investment.  Jane could have avoided a lot of frustration if she prepared herself by doing a little research and asking questions instead of making assumptions.  So many of us have learned that lesson…