Budget-Friendly Ways on How to Add Colours to Your Condo Without Paint


Sometimes, you may want to add a little bit of colour on your walls, but some reasons might prevent you from doing so. You might be living in a rented condo, or you may be low on cash – but still want to give your living quarters a spruce-up.

1.  Hang a Large Colourful Painting

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If you want to bring your condo walls to life with colour, but do not want to commit to a permanent change in paint, then you might want to try doing so with a large painting. You do not have to go for any fancy models or famous painters; for all it’s worth, you may buy a canvas and create the painting yourself. However, if you do not have the time to paint it, you might want to buy it already painted. It will still probably be cheaper in comparison to a full paint job.

2.  Add Colourful Curtains

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No matter how bland the walls of a room may feel, you may easily bring them back to life by using curtains. For example, if your walls are white, a set of red velvet curtains will bring more elegance to the place. On the other hand, if you are a fan of flowers and patterns, you might go for something that suits your style. What matters is that you feel comfortable in the place that you set and decorate for yourself.

3.  Change the Carpet on the Floor

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A carpet can do quite a lot when it comes to changing the look of your condo. So, if you feel like your current carpet is boring or lacking colour, you may want to change it with something more vibrant and colourful. A Persian carpet might feel like a good choice here, as it has very beautiful patterns. Plus, the beauty is that these carpets may also be attached to a wall.

Bear in mind that for the colour to remain bright, you need to maintain it properly. In this case, you might want to hire a rug cleaning company that will use all the right tools to clean it. This way, you should be able to keep the colours in your condo alive for a much longer time.

4.  Bring In the Plants

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There’s no better way to make your condo more colourful than by bringing in a few plants. Even if you are very tight on cash, you can look at it as a long-term project: buy some seeds or duds, and simply allow them to grow.

And the beauty of plants is that you can decorate an entire wall with them if you want: you just need some shelves or some strings to attach them to. Those green patches will certainly help spring come to life in your condo, making it seem more colourful and exotic. Plus, it will improve the air around you.

5.  Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

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While it may have been nearly impossible to find before, peel-and-stick wallpaper is now available pretty much anywhere. The good news is that these temporary adhesive wallpapers are much cheaper in comparison to applying actual paint on the walls. It also won’t be as much trouble, as you will only have to stick the wallpaper to the walls. Simply find the colour combination that works best for you, and in a day at most, you should be able to finish updating your condo.

6.  Wrapping Paper

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If you crave the look of wallpaper but simply do not have the funds to commit to the traditional kind, you might want to go for some funky-coloured wrapping paper instead. Glue it with some double-sided tape or even some wallpaper glue – whatever meets your fancy. The advantage here is that this trick will look pretty much like actual wallpaper – but without the high costs of it. And you also have various models and patterns to go for – so, whether you are looking for something more “Halloweenish” or “Christmassy”, all you have to do is enter your nearest gift shop and get some wrapping paper.

7.  Cover Them with Fabric

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Fabric is one more great way to cover a set of boring walls. You may go for a certain colour pattern – for example, yellow walls everywhere, or you may go for patterns such as flowers (or whatever else you like). If you are looking for something more modern, go for straight patterns over the wall – but if you want to get a more vintage look, to accommodate old school furniture, a flowy style will give it more elegance.

As for attaching the fabric, there are a couple of ways for you to do it. You could bolt the fabric into the walls – or if that’s not possible, you may use a good old stapler and some glue.

Final Thoughts

You don’t always need paint to bring your condo to life. You just need the right idea and some appropriate tools. Hopefully, our article gave you a few tips on how to make your rooms more colourful.


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