Arthouse Condos Incentive Alert

Arthouse condos in Markham is celebrating the Chinese New Year in a big way!  For a limited time purchasers will receive:
6 month free presto pass (ideal for you GO Train travellers)
$250 in Flato Home Products gift card (they have some seriously affordable nice stuff)
6 Flato Markham Theatre tickets (get some culture in your life)
1 year membership for the Varley Art Gallery (impress the ladies or gents with your knowledge of Art)
$5,000 in free upgrades (fancy stuff)
A mystery prize that will be drawn from a pot, prize will be worth up to $2,000 (kid in you needs to know and win whatever is in that mystery box)
So celebrate the Chinese New Year in a prosperous fashion and set up your appointment at Arthouse condominiums today!