Are you taking advantage of current new condo incentives?


Buy when everyone is scared and sell when everyone is greedy.  That’s Warren Buffett’s analogy and hey, who’s going to argue with that guy, he obviously knows a thing or two!  Now Warren (I like to think Mr. Buffet and I are on a first name basis) is likely talking about stocks, but the same analogy can be applied to your real estate investments.  With new condo sales down from last years record breaking numbers many developers are offering some pretty sweet incentives that give a pretty comfy cushion to your investment.  Some of the popular incentives that investors like are rental gaurantees like the one currently offered at Life condos, free maitenance and free taxes which is currently offered at Rain condos and a few other new developments.  Another thing that investors flock to is having to only put 5 to 10% down, which a number of developers are currently offering as well!  If you would like to know about different incentives that can be offered at pre construction condos of your choice, please  contact us and regularly check our VIP condo corner.